Reverse Order not working on Autoview


I am executing syntax via Autoview on Tradingview to automate my orders. For some reason, when I use the c=position syntax, I get the following error message on the Autoview Log page - - Error: Symbol is inaccessible and it logs me out from my Tradovate account on Tradingview.

Please help!

The syntax I am using is as follows:

Close Position and reverse your order

This example below shows us how to tell Autoview to close the previous position before opening the opposite (reversed)

Long Position

e=tradovatesim s=MESZ2 b=short c=position t=market
e=tradovatesim s=MESZ2 b=long q=1 t=market

Reversed Short Position

e=tradovatesim s=MESZ2 b=long c=position t=market
e=tradovatesim s=MESZ2 b=short q=1 t=market

For some reason when using the =position syntax, it logs me out from the Tradovate account on Tradingview.

Please help to rectify this error. Many thanks.

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As of September 30th 2022, new CME rules state that any retail users that want to utilize market data will need to become registered CME sub-vendors. We have blocked this service for retail users, and we unlock it on confirmation of sub-vendorship. In this case, AutoView is requesting a market data stream for the symbol you enter using your API Key - since the key is tied to you (a standard trader user), the server will block the request by default until we whitelist your application.

Thanks for getting back to me. Does that mean without registering with CME, I can’t use Autoview at the moment? I am still able to execute simple Long and Short orders…a bit confused.

Whatever AutoView’s implementation for the reverse position does must be using market data - so for that feature it would seem that yes, you would need to be registered. I believe that if you check off ‘allow sending orders with no Market Data’ it will let you place orders via API - you just won’t be able to use our MD stream to do so without the CME registration, and it appears that the called AutoView function does utilize MD.

does that mean I can’t use Short/Long orders with Autoview at all without registering with CME and despite paying Tradovate for the API?

You should be able to place orders as long as the ‘Allow orders without MD’ box is ticked on your API key settings. However, if the AutoView application uses the MD part of our API in their order logic, then those calls with your key will fail.

In that case, simple Short/Long orders seem to be working with Autoview by ticking “Allow orders without MD”. Only the reverse order isn’t working, looks like I will need to register with CME for that. Many thanks for the clarification.