Release Notes - Version 1.220701.0 (07/01/2022)

Web-version release date 07/01/2022 | Download release date (To Be Announced):

Functions Included in version 1.220701.0

  • Added. Account Opening Process. We’re happy to be able to now offer online account applications for the following account types: LLC, Corporation, Partnerships, and Trusts. You will be able to select these account types at the start of the account opening process.
  • Added: Charts. By popular demand, we’ve added a configuration to the charts allowing you to add a real-time product level PNL to your chart. You can view more details on this new feature here: Show PNL on Position Line on Chart - #26 by Alexander
  • Updated. Trader Login. We’ve made improvements and simplified the processes related to new user signups and our login experience
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed an issue where contact information changes were not saving in some cases
    • Fixed an issue where Order and Alert indicators on the chart were crossing over drawing tools
    • Fixed an issue where the Chart menu icons were overlapping the contract details on the chart
    • Fixed an issue where using a hotkey combination in a chat was executing the hotkey
    • Fixed an issue where the chart was getting stuck in drag mode in certain circumstances