Range Bars comparison with TradingView

I am using Tradovate’s 50 Range bars for trading. I am using TradingView for backtest and I have noticed that there is difference in data for Tradovate vs TradingView.

My first impression is that there are missing candles in TradingView when compared with Tradovate. Attaching screenshots. Has anyone faced similar issue? (Tradovate and ThinkOrSwim candles match and I am uploading ThinkOrSwim screenshots)

Received this response from TradingView support and it seems to explain why there is difference in Range Bars.

I’ve checked the Ranges’ logic in ToS and I see that their chart is based on historical tick data when the set of 1 minute interval bar values (Open, [High, Low], Close) are source data for Range bars. That’s why there is a difference and fewer bars drawn. When historical tick data is available on TradingView, the difference will disappear. I’ll let you know when this happens.