Question about QQE Code

Hello everyone,

I have this code for the QQE indicator but it does not seem to be working. When I place it into the worksheet portion, I am not getting an error code but once I hit save nothing happens. Can anyone look at the code and tell me what is potentially wrong? I have included the code below.

declare lower;

input RSI_Period = 20;
input Slow_Factor = 5;
input QQE = 4.236;

def Wilder_Period = RSI_Period * 2 - 1;
def vClose = close;

def rsi = RSI(price = vClose, length = RSI_Period).RSI;
def rsi_ma = MovingAverage(AverageType.EXPONENTIAL, rsi, Slow_Factor);
def atr_rsi = AbsValue(rsi_ma[1] - rsi_ma);
def atr_rsi_ma = MovingAverage(AverageType.EXPONENTIAL, atr_rsi, Wilder_Period);
def dar = MovingAverage(AverageType.EXPONENTIAL, atr_rsi_ma, Wilder_Period) * QQE;

def DeltaFastAtrRsi = dar;
def RSIndex = rsi_ma;
def newshortband = RSIndex + DeltaFastAtrRsi;
def newlongband = RSIndex - DeltaFastAtrRsi;

def longband = if RSIndex[1] > longband[1] and RSIndex > longband[1]
then max(longband[1],newlongband)
else newlongband;

def shortband = if RSIndex[1] < shortband[1] and RSIndex < shortband[1]
then min(shortband[1], newshortband)
else newshortband;

def trend = if Crosses(RSIndex, shortband[1])
then 1
else if Crosses(longband[1], RSIndex)
then -1
else if !IsNAN(trend[1])
then trend[1]
else 1;

def FastAtrRsiTL = if trend == 1
then longband
else shortband;

plot pFastAtrRsiTL = FastAtrRsiTL;
plot pRsiMa = rsi_ma;
plot line50 = 50;