Custom Indicator Coding Guides and Tutorials

I have been trying to learn to code some super simple price action indicators, but I cannot seem to find any information on how to read and get data from bars, help with if statements, how to create loops, paint bars, etc… - All I can do is open up someone else’s code and try to guess from there.

Is there any website with such information that could guide me on coding? I am familiar with Pinescript and there is a vast amount of information there, I am very surprised I cannot find help with Tradovate+Javascript (besides - where the search function is broken btw)

Here are some of the simple things I would like to figure out:

  • How can I get the price (open, close, high, low) of 5 bars ago? d.close(5) or prior.close(5) does not seem to work.
  • How can I set different type of variables (integers, booleans, etc…)

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Hey @Juan ,

I finally got around to making some videos on this subject. Not quite done with the series yet.

I am not a video editor so bear with me. There are no edits and I got a little long winded at times.