Possible to group trade APEX eval account and Tradovate live account?

Good day everyone,

I’m very new to future trading and still get my head around. I’m hoping if any of you can help me out here.

Basically I have a tradovate live account (personal own fund) opened and i also just opened an APEX eval account.

Now if i understand correctly, APEX eval account is defined as “DEMO” account with apex specific username/login password. Clearly this is different than what i have for my personal live account.

I’m wondering:

  1. is it possible to group APEX eval account to my live account so i can execute the same trade in two account at the same time?
  2. if point 1 is possible, if l link my tradingview account to my live account, will the grouptrade execute? Or trade made on tradingview platform only apply to the specific account i login to.

Many Thanks for your help


  1. Point 1 not possible.
    Possible solution . Open Tradovate Log into your Live personal account. Open a second Monitor on Tradovate logging into your Apex Eval account . Monitor both accounts separately and hit the execution buttons separately simultaneously… That is the only solution I can come up with. Not possible to combine a live account with an Eval Apex account.


If both are CQG, use a copy trade into ninja to copy from live account to prop accounts