Enable group trade in tradingview

Currently, Tradingview does not support the Group Trade feature. So, suppose I have 5 accounts in a prop firm and would like to trade them as a group. I am able to do it on Tradovate interface, but not in TradingView. TradingView only allows me to trade the accounts one by one.

It would be great to be able to trade from tradingview using one login and to reflect the account group that is selected on the platform, very helpful when trading multiple accounts

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this is a trading view limitation i think, not tradovate. You will have to buy a program that allows group trades in tradingview

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I am also looking for this feature.

Very Important feature aswell.

i would really appreciate this feature. to place trades on tradingview in one tradovate account which is linked to groups as per tradovate

I only chose tradovate because i could connect on my tradingview account, but unfortunately, I’m not able to connect multiple accounts on my tradingview or manage a group trade feature in the phone app…
To say the least, so disappointed and If I knew this before, I wouldnt be choosing on Tradovate.
It’s madness you can only manage your group trade if you are sitting at home, as if people dont have to work…Pretty bad

Yo fam. w dup. Sorry to hear Ramon.
Question: Imma doing the apex eval challenge wit tradovate linked to trading view platform. Can i enter/trade more than one order on a trade? I entered 2nd order then tradovate closed original active order. Is only one trade at a time allowed? 100k account and not overleveraging. Muchas gracias amigos.