Parameter Definitions? (docs in general)

I searched through the docs, but I’ve yet to find any actual definition for a lot of the parameters. It will sometimes say if it’s a string or a number but that’s about it. Also, there’s little or nothing which lays out what the possible fields are. For example:

The example shown includes brackets. These are never fully defined anywhere - or am I just not seeing it? E.g., is profitTarget a %, $, Tick? Is it required, optional?

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Anyone? Bueller… Bueller…

Hey @skwasha, the bracket profitTarget is in ticks. I know it can be hard to figure out exactly what each parameter is for. Params that are required every time are marked as required but some operations have cases that require parameters that are not listed as a strict requirement. I’m currently working on a document that will expand on entities and their structures and the POST endpoints and their param bodies. That way people can look up (by search) a page about that entity or op parameters, with notes and remarks. I’ll post something here on the community when I release it.

Thanks! Looking forward to the improved docs!