Orders not filling

No orders are filling at all. Market orders, limit orders, nothing. It’s Sunday, 5:25pm central time, market is moving but I can’t trade. Deleted browser cache and even tried on another laptop. Price goes above and below my orders and they never get filled.

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Same issues. This is ridiculous. I tried canceling all my orders and cannot tell if that went through or not. Last thing I need a surprise to see all my order fill when I’m away later on.

I called their Trade Desk several times and it’s the same routine. Hold for 5 minutes, then sent to a voicemail that’s full and get hung up on.

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I just lost over $1,000, which is 1/4 of my account. For some reason, 15 contracts were placed…and I got screwed big time due to their issue. I never saw the orders on the screen due to their issue. I placed orders, nothing showed, so then I canceled them, even though nothing showed…well, they were there, and canceling did nothing to get rid of the Ghost orders. I got screwed and you know that NOTHING will be done about it.