Option to hide the timestamp on the tick stream

I would like to suggest that you give the option on what to show only in the tick stream. Like for me, I only use the number of contracts and price under such module. It would be awesome if I can have the option to hide the timestamp or have the ability to adjust the module so that the only columns showing are the price ,size, and acc… This would allow, especially for me who only use a laptop, to save some space on my screen. Thank you.

Agreed with this overall. I actually had 3 levels of filters up side by side and even reducing the timestamp down to the minute only would be helpful enough.

But I also think the “header” for tickstream also needs the ability to be turned off because I had issues with reducing the width likely due to that too.

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there are at least 2 other feature requests asking for this, I hope they start moving towards more functional updates soon, lately is just make up for the UI while the functional requests never get an acknowledgement.

I want this, and the breakeven trailing stop, those are my two most wanted functions for the platform

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