Clean up / add configuration to time and sales (T&S) date time

I am proposing a change to the T&S box, or at least configuration. As you know on the T&S box, the columns are currently nonadjustable. the Date reads a format like this “16:13:01.169 2/8/23”, which is a timestamp. It’s too cluttered to use at a glance.

I use this for day trading, and I already know the date (2/8/23), so I don’t need that info present since it’s updating real time.
I don’t care about the micro seconds. It’s just too cluttered and takes to long to pinpoint the last big block orders.

My optimal scenario would be something like this:

  1. Have configuration for what the timestamp should look like (something like hh:mm:ss )
  2. Add a column for the time difference from the the order to current time.

If the current time is 15:20 for example, the columns would look like this
Time | time difference | Price | size | acc
15:14:47 | - 5:13 | 100 | 100

Can I ask which exact name of indicator are you referring to? Thanks

Sorry, It appears that I mislabled this. It’s Time and Sales in other platforms, but it’ the Tick Stream Module in Tradovate.