Need help completing a wire transfer

Funding Wire Details

Beneficiary Name: Tradovate
Beneficiary Account Number: 777554548855
Beneficiary Bank: BMO Harris NA
Beneficiary Bank Address: 111 W. Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60603

Intermediary Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland
Location: London
Intermediary Account Number: 4400010013067
Royal Bank of Scotland – Sort Code: IBAN GB59 NWBK 60000410013067

For further credit to: [Your Tradovate Account Number] and [Your Tradovate Account Name]

Hi I’m completely new to wire transfers and I want to fund my account with pounds. I’m aware this is probably a dumb question but am I meant to send my money through the intermediary bank? If so would the recipient’s address be the beneficiary bank address?

Exact same issue here. Did you find a solution?

I remember it was kind of tricky, but I think I used the beneficiary bank address…

That said - it seems like a ghost town around here. Were you able to call and talk to someone at Tradovate?

I’m wondering if they are still developing the platform - seems like that last post on here from someone from TV itself was quite a few months ago…