Confusion about Benificiary Bank Information (SWIFT-code) while funding (international wire transfer)

Today I finalized my application which has subsequently been approved. I am currently in the process of trying to fund my account by wire transfer (Europe). There has been some confusion on my part in regards to filling out the correct beneficiary bank information. The provided (by website and platform) SWIFT-code and benificiary bank information are as follows:

Beneficiary Bank: BMO Harris NA
Beneficiary Bank Address: 111 W. Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60603
SWIFT Code (International): HATRUS44XXX

Benificiary bank: BMO Harris Bank National Association
111 W. Monroe st
Chicago, IL 60603
SWIFT: HATRUS44XXX (For International Transfers)

When filling in this swiftcode HATRUS44XXX, nothing comes up. When filling in HATRUS44, the SWIFT-code is recognized. However the corresponding address (320 South Canal Street, Chicago) is different from the aforementioned provided address (111 W. Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60603).
When searching for SWIFT-code by Bank Name “BMO Harris NA” or “BMO Harris Bank National Association” nothing shows up. When searching for “BMO Harris” however, BMO HARRIS BANK N.A shows up with the correct(?) corresponding address “111 W. Monroe Street, Chicago, IL 60603”. However the SWIFT-code is HARSUS41.
As you can imagine this is rather confusing. Which SWIFT-code is the right SWIFT-code and which address is the right address? I am not capable of manually filling out all the information. If this is a must regardless, I will obviously contact my bank to see what is possible.

Really hope to find some answers here. I have already mailed Tradovate and hope to have them respond ASAP.

Many thanks.