Tradovate Funding pls help

Hi guys,

I’m new to TV and I’d like to deposit the trading funds into my account. I’m UK based so I cannot use the ACH function.

  1. I can do a wire transfer from Revolut (in USD) - slightly conscious as I’ve seen some stuff that TV might have stopped accepting transfer from Revolut?
  2. Deposit funds in GBP, but in this case, the trading account I’ve opened is in USD so I’m not sure if an automatic exchange fee would be applied or just convert the account in GBP (in which case I’d be paying EX commission on US trades)

Can someone help as support has not responded to my email…

Many Thanks!

I think Tradovate experiencing some restructuring, that’s why the customer service has been kind of slow lately.
In case you still have not heard back from them here are wire transfer instructions from the UK using GBP, just make sure to select GBP on the page:

You can find these instructions on the main Tradovate website under the “Trading tab” and then click on “Funding Instructions”.