Modify Chart element colors and create multiple themes

In release 1.201204.0 we will be introducing in Chart(beta) the ability to modify chart element colors and create multiple themes that can be applied to charts. An overview of how to access this functionality is below:

Under the Chart Settings menu select Color Scheme:

You can make a copy of the existing color schemes as a starting point

Name your new color scheme

Change / modify the colors of the elements you would like to adjust

And Save your changes

Multiple color schemes can be created and applied to charts on a chart by chart basis and will change based on the overall Dark or Light theme selected for the Trader

Color Schemes will be saved with your Chart Template when the template is saved

What happened to this? Why did I go back to a previous version?

This feature is in the Chart (beta) module (only) and is currently only available in version 1.201204.0 (and higher). This version, 1.201204.0, currently (as of 12/09/2020) is available via the browser only. We will be deploying to the desktop version in the next few days

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I still do not see this feature on the desktop. I am on version 1.210205.0 (1.210205.0)

You will not see this in the legacy chart module, be sure to verify you’re using the updated chart module