Please leave a Charcoal option to Dark theme

Please leave a Charcoal option to Dark theme.

In update " Release Notes - Version 1.201002.0"
you claim to be removing Charcoal color to the Dark theme,

A pure black screen is not as great as it sounds,


I love the deep black. Colors pop, and things are clearer to see (especially footprint charts). Its also easier on the eyes. Maybe offer three options (black, white and charcoal).


Loved the look of Tradovate charts with the grey. New background looks awful. Can’t be too difficult to add back the option in the appearance menu, right?

The Tradovate trader auto updated this weekend and to my horror i got to experience the new awful black charts first hand, and noticed you even add this design choice to the Performance page. Are you trying to make me leave this platform for a 3rd party one? Would have rather seen Black as a new color option not a mandatory one.


I like the it, please don’t change it.