Make text bigger on Bid/Ask charts

Hi, I’m liking what I’m seeing here after having suffered with Sierra Charts UX nightmare for the last 6 months. I have the small request from the title, make the text bigger on Bid/Ask chart.

J’ve played a bit with both vertical and horizontal zoom:

And have auto fit chart off. But still it could be a bit bigger, easier on the eyes.

Btw, I’m a software developer so Is there any way I could tweak this developing a plugin or something?

The Charts (beta) module has a number of improvements from the legacy Charts module in display and performance. Have you tried the Bid/Ask on the Chart (beta) module? It may provide more of the flexibility you’re looking for in getting things sized a little better:

that sounds awesome, how do I enable the beta stuff?

NVM found the link

The chart beta is a module you can add to your workspace. It’s a wholly separate module

Oh I thought, it was the beta version of tradeovate,

I just found this which is exactly what I wanted:

Not exactly bigger but is much easier to read:


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What did you not like about Sierra? I am thinking about getting it … would like to hear your thoughts.

The UX is a nightmare, like is just not user friendly at all. If you get past that you’ll get probably the most flexible trading platform of them all. In my case I use the DOM more than charts and there are better offerings out there for that, like Jigsaw or even Bookmap.