Make P&L Consistent Across Mobile and Desktop

This is more of an issue for OPTIONS on futures contracts and not the micro or mini contracts themselves.

P&L in the desktop app is based on LAST, whereas P&L in the Pulse app is based on BID/ASK respectively. Personally, one would think that the experiences would match, but they don’t.

The scenario I have run into is that I can buy an option contract for NQM1, once filled the P&L in the desktop only changes if the last price changes. However, in the pulse app the price is reflected on BID (which is where you can sell at any time).

So imagine a scenario where the LAST price is substantially higher than the BID and you don’t know that you are -$600 unless you open the pulse app.

I have attached two screen shots from my demo account that illustrate this issue. The P&L never changed in the desktop app, so unless I had a stop and/or had the pulse app open I would not know that I am more red than the desktop showed.

Support says it’s working as expected, but I don’t see how, not displaying the most accurate P&L, would be working as expected. Anyone else have this issue or think it’s an issue?