Order Defaults change when accessing from login vs from markets vs from positions

Noticed this this last week. Opened app, opened markets, opened NQ trade screen, checked the sizing and scalped NQ, 1 contract, 24 tick trailing stop. Exit the app after trade completed, relogged in, put me right in the NQ trade screen. Saw an opportunity, it placed 4 contracts with 12 tick stop. Good thing the trade went in my way but I use this config later in the day when its less volatile. Never touched the order size config screen, I just went a different way to the trade screen.

Experimented with accessing from positions screen. 2 contracts 20 tick stop loss no trail, a setup I used to use a long time ago. I think its a bug.

Maybe a good idea to place somewhere on the screen order size, bracket settings at a glance so its easier to catch? Not sure if there is enough screen estate