Lock Lines and Rays

It would be great to be able to lock a line or ray. I’m always accidentally moving my long-term trend lines. A simple “Locked” checkbox on the line properties screen would be perfect.

Agree 100%. Even if I have the crosshairs enabled and I try to move my chart, I sometimes accidentally move a horizontal line.

It gets especially tricky if I have multiple lines for support/resistance. I have to focus on grabbing the chart in an empty place.

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Yup…that’s exactly what happens to me.

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Happens to me all the time - so frustrating I’ve been trying to switch to TOS

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I’ll post this image here are well, this was requested before. better to be in both places.

Something like this.

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TradingView has a ctrl+z (undo).
I often mess up my lines as well and I can’t quite figure out how to deal with multiple objects overlapping. They don’t seem to have a z-order like is available in the object tree on TradingView: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/?solution=43000484389

One of the other requests was the ability to hide indicators, but why not drawing objects as well. Perhaps it would be nice to be able to group objects and hide them temporarily while working on delicate line operations. Hide and lock operations on both drawings and indicators are great.

TradingView manages these both inside their object tree which allows grouping of objects, labeling groups and objects, and locking and hiding entire groups or individual objects. Also a nice way to quickly clean up a part of a chart without removing important information.

I agree 100% You should be able to lock these as well as hide them.

I move them by accident all the time while trying to adjust my chart.

Lock drawings will be released in version 1.201120.0. It will be found in the drawings menu in Charts (beta):

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Will this be HotKey Enabled?

Example : I assign the “Drawing Lock” to the “L” key so every time i hold the “L” key down it unlocks lines and i can adjust them. Once the “L” key is released it then Locks lines again?

This way we can adjust and lock lines really quickly without having to click through menus every time we want to make an adjustment.


We will be adding a function to “Hide Drawings” in release 1.201204.0.

This function can be found under the Drawings menu.

It is a global hide / show that hould be helpful