Enable a lock on shapes/ and an unlock

I would like to lock my shapes – for example, I draw a rectangle that comes back from awhile back— I want to say “lock aspect ration” so that when I extend the shape to the right, it stays at the same prices.
And, when I put in a “text” box, I can move it.

I am frequently going back in time to make sure that my rectangle is still set at the points I need it. If I could lock-in, I would know it is right.
:slight_smile: Thank you.

Just found this after submitting a feature to lock a line. I agree. Having the option to lock all shapes/drawings would be great.

Something like this

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Also, having a hide all shapes would be nice as well. And, in the “Configure Chart Elements” menu, it would be nice to have another icon next to each indicator that lets you temporarily hide an element in addition to the delete indicator icon that’s already there. A little eyeball icon would do the trick to toggle show/hide

Yes, this would be really nice. I keep on accidentally moving my lines when I scroll back. And I can’t place a trade on the chart exactly where my line is.

Lock drawings will be released in version 1.201120.0. It will be found in the drawings menu in Charts (beta):

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When will Mac OS app see these changes?

They are currently in the Chart (beta) module in version 1.201204 + which is the current production version (which went to production on 12/11/2020)

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