Ability to lock volume profiles or other drawings individually

Using multiple volume profiles can get a little messy. Creating and editing multiple drawings on a chart is often necessary.

What if you were able to selectively choose which drawings were locked and which were not? “Well, NOW, you can!* By double clicking on a drawing, and looking towards the bottom of the editing panel, you can now select 'lock” or ‘unlock’.* Voilà, you’re now able to continue making drawings with out worrying about accidentally moving your horizontal line marking settlement, having to redrag a long term volume profile to the current bar.* Enjoy!

I also suggest making the leading volume profile handle more “grabbable/extendable”. The auto toggle between hand, pointer, and extension arrows, is extremely sensitive. In the heat of the moment this can cause frustration when it’s needed least, i.e. setting up charts before trading, or even during trading, which we all know can raise blood pressure, and for some of us even a little shaky.

*Fictitious future messages, THIS FEATURE DOES NOT YET EXISIT!