List of Feature Requests

  1. Autocenter DOM, with user option of setting the time interval to autocenter (ex: 3 seconds, 5 seconds, etc.). As is, it’s difficult to follow on the DOM and it’s tedious to constantly manually recenter by clicking go to last. In fact, I accidentally entered a buy order trying to click that button. On that note, that button should be placed somewhere else, perhaps above the DOM where users can’t accidentally enter an order.

  2. Order placement on downclick of mouse button and downclick of hotkey; currently orders only go through on the upclick. As a result, there’s lag with orders.

  3. Sync cursor placement on DOM with chart horizontal line for price level. To clarify, when I hover my mouse on a price in DOM, I would like to see where that level is on the chart.

  4. Provide a safety trigger for instant orders. To clarify, I don’t want order confirmation disabled because I’m worried about accidentally clicking an order. Instead, allow an option that I enable where I hold shift down while entering an order to make it instant (no confirmation necessary). This eliminates all accidental orders while still allowing instant orders.

  5. Allow user to set time in app and chart to EST; currenlty, only local and central time are allowed.

  6. Eliminate all the space consuming items on the screen that leave less space for the chart and DOM. The top part of app, which includes many (not immediately needed) menu items, takes up way too much space and there is no ability to get rid of it. Then there is the vertical menu on the right side of the screen, which also takes up space and could have simply been fit into the top part of the screen or a dropdown menu. Honestly, I prefer to have everything (in the top menu and side menu), except the time, in a drop down menu instead of being a permanent fixture that takes up so much space.

  7. The countdown to next bar is a nice feature, but it’s on the top left next to the time. If I’m looking at the time anyway then I already know how far away the next bar is and the countdown does not add anything for me. It could be improved by placing it somewhere closer to the current bar. As is, users have to look over too far away from the action, making it less practical.

  8. “Save as” button to save workspaces and templates. As is, saving is unintuitive. All changes are saved automatically and instantly, not allowing me to experiment or change anything I’m unsure of without first creating a new workspace with a new name. This is frustrating as often times users accidentally click or do something that wrecks their carefully customized workspace. There is no way to get that workspace back except to manually recreate it.

  9. There is an issue where the crosshair stays on the chart, stuck to whichever bar I was last hovering over, even after I move the cursor away from the chart (you will always have a big vertical line on your chart if you have crosshair enabled). The only way to clear this is to click on the chart to create an order, then click it again to cancel the order. I’ve discussed this with phone support and they confirmed it’s the intended design, which I don’t understand. The problem is compounded because the data box shows the data of the stuck crosshair (bar) and not of the current bar. I can move the crosshair to the current bar, but again the crosshair (a big vertical line) stays on screen at that location even if you move the cursor off the chart. I can disable crosshair, but I sometimes need to check the line up with indicators (volume, etc.) when I hover over them. Can this be fixed?

  10. Option to highlight after hours trading session. For example, allow me to highlight all times not 9:30am EST to 4pm (or 4:15).

  11. Allow users to decide how many days intraday charts include (ex.: 5d, 1 min.;1d, 1 min.).

  12. Trades on the chart disappear after end of session each day, and I can no longer see them on chart after. To review my trades after the day has ended, I have to review the performance report and try to recreate my entries and exits on chart to see what happened. To fix this, allow trade to permanently remain on chart, or at least allow 1 week’s worth or 1 month’s worth of trades.

  13. Right click instead of left click for orders on charts. Because I need left click for drawings, dragging chart, etc. and there’s constant mixups with orders popping up when I’m just trying to draw something or click on a drawing to edit it.

  14. The current zoom in functionality is unintuitive and requires too many clicks/steps. I would like a zoom in button that actually zooms in the same way the zoom out button currently does.

You typed up everything I was going to. They should make every single one of these a priority. Each thing you listed is perfect, if they do any number of these this platform would be easily one of the best around.

2, 13, 10 are ones that should be quick for them to code (I may even look myself if there is a way to achieve this stuff through their API, haven’t checked it out yet) and are super huge for a lot of people I think.

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Thank you for your feedback on my post. I observed all this during my 2 week trial and tried to draft an organized list of pain points, hoping that Tradovate improves things. #2 (orders on upclick) in particular was a huge frustration point.

I agree that Tradovate is a good platform and I believe that if they fix these issues, it could truly be great. I recently opened an account and funded it, so I hope they take action on these issues.

@BWeis any chance you’re working on any of these? Or can you give a comment on if any of these may not be possible or may take more work than expected because of the way the tech is setup possibly etc? #13 for me is big one cause I trade from the chart mostly, and with right click being useless it makes no sense to have orders be on left click. Code wise that should be insanely trivial to do, so my guess is you release larger updates rather than small fixes? I’m assuming you’re super busy (how many are there on the dev team?), it’s just these things seem like they could be done in a day, and would seriously improve the platform 100000x fold.

I seen the other thread that requested custom grid line spacing, but that was made 1 year ago at this point and it seems that feature isn’t in either, which seems like another super trivial thing to add, so I fear the time it may take for some of these to be added?

I have also funded an account and will be using Tradovate to generate my full time income as long as everything goes smoothly in live. So I hope some of these features we all really want will be implemented soon.

You Should make a Request post for each feature request you have here, a laundry list post will probably get lost. A separate post of each request will allow others to vote on the ones they want as well.

I considered that, but I assumed it would be seen as some sort of spamming/annoying conduct to post 14 separate feature request threads. This was the compromise I came up with. If Tradovate responds with an OK, I’m happy to post each one separately.

I myself have posted 22 individual request. I believe i heard Tradovate say a one point separate posts was the way they want to see it. But if you want to make sure of that, let see if @BWeis chimes in on this.

It is fine/preferred to post things separately. It makes it a little easier to deduplicate and some thing may have already been requested that you might just be able to add a vote for and include your comments under that topic