Show crosshairs on charts when mouse is over the DOM

I’ve been using ThinkorSwim from TD Ameritrade and I really like how holding the mouse pointer over a price/number on their version of DOM (Active Trader) also shows the crosshairs on the charts for that ticker. Likewise, the crosshairs on the chart cause that level to be highlighted on the DOM.

So, for Tradovate, I suggest the following:
Sync cursor placement on DOM with chart crosshair(s) for price level. To clarify, when I hover my mouse on a price in DOM, I would like to see where that level is on the chart. Likewise, the crosshairs on the chart would highlight the price/number on the DOM.

i would like to second this request. this feature described is very valuable to a scalper.
imo, the lack of this capability in tradovate is its worst attribute. the second would be the zoom-in feature. rather than highlighting an area/box, it would be much simpler to just press a button to zoom in or out, like how the current zoom-out works, you just press the zoom-out button. thanku.