Is it possible to make 1 call with the following order structure?

Hello, I’m exploring the possibility of moving my automated trading system over to here but have a very specific order that I need to be able to place with one call.

The top structure has 2 OCO trades, one limit buy order and one limit sell order.
These are basically a high and low of a measured range and which ever one gets hit first, will cancel out the other one.

Once one of those is filled, I would like for 3 orders to be queued up.
Order 1 is a limit profit target.
Order 2 is an initial market stop loss
Order 3 is a stop limit order that triggers when half the profit is reached, and places a new stop loss order at break even.

I hope that all makes sense, and what I’m looking for is be able to create this order structure and send to the API in one call only so that the broker can manage the entire trade.

Is this possible with the current state of the API? And if so, what would the order structure look like?