Is it more efficient/faster to modify 3 legs of a bracket or to cancel and resend the bracket?

Or is there no difference? Thanks

I think you’d end up paying more in fees for a cancel/resend flow vs a modify flow but otherwise I think they’d have the same result in terms of the orders themselves. This would also be greatly impacted by the number of orders you place - wouldn’t matter too much if you are canceling an order once a day, but it will matter a lot if you are placing an order a minute.

Thank you.
What do you mean by fees, if the orders are canceled and not filled?
Is there cost associated with sending order without filling, and canceling it?

Oh you’re correct my mistake, if it is not filled it won’t matter. In that case I suppose it’s a matter of preference whether you cancel and resend or modify the legs for a strategy that hasn’t been filled. Once you have entered and you want to modify the remaining legs, it will make more sense to use a modifyOrder operation though, as canceling either will cancel the other (they’ll be linked as an OCO) and then you might as well not be using brackets, but just regular placeOrder and placeOCO (what multibracket basically boils down to anyhow).

That makes sense. Thank you!