Request to add function for modify order on mobile

Hi there,

Is it possible to add a function to modify placed order and bracket order? For example, I place a market order with bracket order on it. Then I want to change stop type from stop to trailing stop. Is it possible that I just tap the bracket order to modify it?

Thank you.

On mobile, if you setup your bracket order with a trailing stop, the stop is no longer controllable in the interface. Going to working positions and clicking modify does not allow it to be changed. There is a little error: “Only quantity modification is allowed for trailing stop”
You can cancel the trailing stop and enter a new order, but I don’t see a way to attach it to the take profit.

So, it’s possible to work around these limitations by just killing the order and replacing it. Does the desktop platform allow these order types to be changed?

Hi Jason,

I mainly use my phone to place order so I haven’t checkout the desktop version yet. I understand when have trailing stop it can no longer be controlled manually. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to modify from stop to trailing stop. The main application for this function is, for example, when I can monitor the order, I setup the order as stop bracket and I can move the stop up manually. Then if when I go to bed I will no long monitor the order and move the stop so I want to change the bracket from stop bracket to trailing stop bracket so it can move by itself. If I cancel the order and replace a trailing stop, it is no longer a bracket order so I have to worry about closing the other side when one side hit.

The Stop type is not a parameter that can be modified.

You would need to Cancel the Stop order and replace with a new order as a Trailing Stop. But as you pointed out, it would no longer be part of the original bracket OCO pair