Indicators not loading


I am in the process of backtesting and I have encountered an issue I can’t seem to get past. My strat uses Bollinger bands indicator(Bollinger band poke v2) and it completely stops loading/calculating consistently between 7/8/22 and 7/12/22. I’ve tried over a dozen times.

For testing purposes, I’ve tried every single Bollinger bands indicator available. The only one that works is the original one (unfortunately it’s missing a critical setting). I have also tried other random indicators, such as “delta divergence”, and most of the overlay indicators stop working in exactly the same way.

I’ve tried increasing the minimum bars to load settings, changing browsers, removing all indicators but one, paying for historical data, and different NQ contracts including the continuous one.

I’ve reached out to support and they got the same issue.

I’ve done some further testing and by the looks of it, Tradovate limits custom overlay indicators to roughly 63500 candles. Once the limit is reached there’s an error:

./isolatedDispatcher Maximum call stack size exceeded RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded at timeSeries.replaceTail (eval at execute …

and the indicator stops working.