Imbalance on Bid-Ask chart

Is there a way to access the price and index of the imbalance printed on the bid-ask chart?

The imbalance will be highlighted by a different colour.

I want to build a custom indicator that will highlight it with a line on a zoomed out chart.

There is a Volume Delta Grid community indicator that displays a text grid containing entries for bid/ask volmes and deltas on a per bar basis and cumulatively on an intraday chart…

Look for it under community indicators and install it.

I think it’s what you want. Unfortunately, I find it takes up too much room and was not that useful for scalping, but it is excellent for swing trading… note the creation was on Sept 12, 2021, FILED AS VOLUMEDELTAGRID.JD

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There is also the VolumeGridExtension by LTD which is much less unwieldy as it shows BarDelta Low and Bar Delta High

Which is the net result of Imbalence in Bid and Ask for any period of time.

Much more to the point for the intraday trader

Thank you for your response, but that is not what i was looking for.
Imbalance will be highlighted on the bid-ask chart when there is more offers than bids at a certain price for example. offers > bids* imbalance factor. I am interested in the price when it occurs.

The imbalances are marked red. 24 > 1*3 for example.

The functionality is there and i want to use it. I need a line of code how to access it. Otherwise i have to do everything from scratch and i am a novice in javascript.

To Goldanker:
further reply and some question and discussion to enrich the learning process: I appreciate any constructive feedback as we are all learning:

Q.Have you confirmed that these Bid/Ask indications are real time accurate because I have not. (fyi,Nor do I assign significant value to anything that is not executed trade because of the constant pulling and stacking of orders, especially with NQ and ES which are so fast…) I would want to see a print out on anything I buy in terms of the actual executions corresponding in real time with the actual price right next to the Bid/Ask spread you are so interested in.

I would appreciate your elaborating on how you became so interested in the the Bid Ask spread, when in fact it is so unstable fast on the Dom at Tradovate… I would appreciate it if you have established any empirical evidence that the spread has any predictable value in terms of either leading to an immediate reversal, or an actual significant price change that is tradable.
In my experience, I have found no evidence of Bid/Ask spread to be a predictor of reversals or significant price changes . If you have, I would be very interested once you complete your work, in perhaps arranging access to the indicator U are attempting to build.
as to Javascript… it is a process that is daunting and I appreciate any efforts you want to make. As for myself I am an autodidactic coder - mainly borrowing bits and pieces and claim no unique insights or skills in this particular area, More comments below about Order flow, which is really what I think you are inquirying about: People spend years on Order flow claiming all kinds of unconfirmed advantages in concentrating on it… Basically it is the internal mechanism of any auction… Like playing scales on an instrument… lifting and lowering real time price- it draws a picture the envelopes the price structure over time. for Example:ThinkorSwim despite all it’s many indicators, does not offer bid-ask spread information . Not necessarily because they were not capable of building it in, but most likely because a group of very brilliant traders were unable to make practical use of it… Unless I was trading in millions of shares or units and controlled millions of dollars in daily in and out executions, I fail to see for myself why I would be concerned with it, in which case I would use Bookmap or some variant, not Tradovate…
Again Best wishes
The Bid/Ask order flow is elusive and at best based on order flow that is addressed with very high frequency trading at Bookmap which you may want to look into. It has the capacity to address the real time nuances of order flow that the Tradovate platform is simply not built to effectively illustrate or inform the real time trader
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What tells you the fact that there are 3x more sellers or 3x more buyers? You can set the imbalance factor higher, if you wish. Now go back your chart and find more of this levels. Well, that is time consuming in a zoomed in state on tradovate and that is the point. I want more information about the prices without losing the overview over the current price action.

There is LDT Imbalance finder indicator, but it is flawed. It will print the price range when the imbalances occur, but won´t remove the printed box when the imbalance is removed in the same candle. So you see the history of imbalance appearance and not actual imbalance.

Again, 2nd time. Suggest you carefully look at Bookmap

It is doing exactly what you are interested in, in real time

Received the notice that U found the Volume Grid useful. As U were able to discern it has some very useful features for Bid Ask calculations across all time and tick including the Volume Grid Extension, which gives a blow by blow High and Low for every increment. I use it sometimes in synchronization with Tick charts and a few other Cumulative Delta Histogram indicators. The Volume Delta Extension grid is fast and furious and acts as a confirming force when the big volume plays hit the bid or the ask size… on the futures. No BS indicator that you seem to be focused in on.

Best to U.
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