I suck at this, please help!

To answer some questions posed by MrSaltie: My trading career began around 1980. No computers. No cell phones. It was a hobby for me. Around 2000 I began using online brokers. Yes, I blew up my account several times. Yes, I fell for the ‘latest and greatest’ indicator BS. Now I trade most days for about an hour. Or less if I don’t like what I see. I trade treasury futures using ‘order flow’ or depth of market. Like a cat, I wait for the trade to come to me. It’s much like watching paint dry and isn’t for everybody but, it works for me.

My recommendation for success is: Make a plan.Trade your plan. Your plan should include both a profit target and stop loss. Never move your stop loss. Practice your trading plan for at least ten trading days before making a real trade. If you find you cannot stick to your plan paper trading, you are not ready to trade. If your chart has more than three indicators on it, make a new plan.

Good luck to all of you in this new year. There will be plenty of opportunities for us. We just have to take them.