How to edit the Volume Delta Grid community indicator to change color?

Hey there, I am using the free community indicator by Alexander called Volume Delta Grid, and I opened Code Explorer but have no idea how to switch the color of the BID VOLUME from green to RED. and the ASK VOLUME to switch it from RED to GREEN.

So in the end the BID VOLUME will be RED. and ASK VOLUME will be GREEN.


By popular demand, I’ve released an update that flips the colors. You should be able to simply update it.

UPDATE: I’ve released another update that let’s users define custom colors.

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Hi Alexander. Great work with the grid. I and a lot of others have been searching for an indicator like Jigsaw Daytradr’s “pace of tape”… Something that measures the speed of the orders coming in. It just hit me, that I could use the time measurement for each bar, that your indicator provides on a tick chart and in that way get some indication of the pace. But it would help a lot if had an average to compare the current time per bar to. I would really appreciate if you could plot an average time per bar in the right hand section, just like you have the average bar volume. Please!

Another thing I’m wishing for… It sure would be nice if Tradovate would open up for alarms on indicators. To get an alarm every time volume or time per bar gets below X, would be a great help for me, when trying to avoid chop 'n grind!

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