How to disable market replay events received through websocket?

Hi @Alexander

We subscribe to this websocket endpoint – “user/syncrequest”

We are currently receiving replay at the end of the daily session (4pm US central) of all orders/events that occurred during the session.

We do not want these events replayed. How can we disable the replay?


Which protocol are you using, Realtime Data or Market Replay? Can you show me some of the data you received?

We are subscribing to “user/syncrequest” at “wss://” – for some reason, we are seeing lot of the realtime events we received during the day if not all are being replayed when the markets close

I’m not sure why this is happening. I tried to reproduce this a few minutes ago at ES close but I was unable to get the same result. Do you reconnect on market close, or maybe restart the subscription to user data? Is it always just { e: 'props', d: {...} } shaped objects or do other message types come back too?