Fibonacci negative values

please add the ability to include negative fibonacci values in the drawing tool, ie -23.6, -61.8, -100

I personally use it for my profit targets.

also the drawing of the fibonacci is confusing as I have to ‘reverse’ plot my draws. I like to start my fib at the start of the move and see where the ‘retracement’ occurs - not start the draw at the end of the move. very confusing

I second that. Although, when I do Fibonacci price projections, they are labeled 1.618, 2.618, 3.618, 4.236 (see image below, from

So, allowing fib markers in the opposite direction (projections) with user configurable targets would do just fine.

Yes please. Surprised there’s no option for this

At least -23.6 and -61.8 by default if we can’t customize negative values.

I’m surprised that this has been requested for a couple years now and hasn’t been made available.

It’s almost a must for ES/MES trading.