Fib retracement drawing tool not working as it should

When drawn from bottom to top of an uptrend the retracement lines are opposite of what they should be.
100% should be 0%, 38.2% should be 61.8% etc.
I tried to manually change it to the correct order in the settings and it just reverted back to the default.
It’s also impossible to change or add fib levels. I tried to change a few of the fibs to -.61.8 and -100 but it wouldn’t save.

I have noticed that as well. It is backwards.

Hopefully this would be a very easy fix for them.

Interesting. This is a case where I think Tradovate does it correctly.
They draw from 0 to 100. From first click to last click.
TradingView does the same if you check the Reverse box.
Sounds like you guys want the tool to decide the direction for you?
Draw from bottom to top and you want it to display a counter from 100 to 0 so that the retracements mean 38.2 discount on price is the shallowest line, then 50%, then 61.8% etc. down to 100% discount at the bottom.

It makes sense logically, but everybody draws these things differently and thinks about price differently. I think perhaps just a reverse button like that TradingView does would make the most sense for everything. Thoughts?

Jason, In every platform I’ve ever used the fib retracement starts at 100% on the initial starting point to 0% at the end point. Always drawing from left to right regardless of the trend direction. If it’s 100% at the bottom of an uptrend and 0% at the top…a reversal all the way back to the bottom would be a 100% retracement. That’s what retracement means.

This is how Tradestation, Thinkorswim, NinjaTrader and SierraChart all work. Source: I’ve been trading off of fibs for over 25 yrs.

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I am with Fibby - It is backwards and should be switched around.

And to top it off - Look at his name - He knows his Fibs :nerd_face: lol

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I’m in agreement with you guys.
Let me try to make it more clear:

Both SierraCharts and Tradingview offer an option to Reverse the Fibonnacci.

What I was trying to understand was whether @Fibby wanted the tool to change based on whether he draws an up fib or a down fib. If not, we should probably just offer the same option all the platforms have, which is to reverse the order. Personally, I just reversed my other platforms to match Tradovate and everything is cool. Now, I draw my fibs the same way on all the platforms. For you guys, if Tradovate offers a reverse option, you can check the box and save it as default and it will be the same as you are used to for the last 25 years. So my proposal is just to offer the reverse option. If you agree, perhaps change the title of the thread so that it gets more votes…

If such an option is offered then the tool will work for everybody.

Screenshots for TradingView and SierraChart attached.

interesting, I look for a 61.8 pull back , so 0 would be on top and 100 on bottom for a buy on a pull back.I guess we all use it differently.

Another things about the fib tool that could be improved…
@BWeis Do you prefer I open tickets for these items separately?

With currencies - it only shows 3 digits…
For example with /6AU0, 0.71 instead of 0.7100, 0.7110. 0.7176
So that you end up with a fib that is just filled with 0.71 for every price point.

Would be nice if we could give a label to each levels instead of only having numbers on them…

Let’s keep them all in the same topic for now. It will be easier for us to keep track of them