Desktop "Uncaught Exception" Error

I trade using the desktop Mac app. I’ve noticed that if I try to delete a Template the program displays a “Uncaught Exception” error. When you press “Okay” it shuts down the program but does not delete the template, you do however loose some of the data in the template. I’ve been trying to clean up some of my old workspaces for a couple of weeks now but no one is answering the phones anymore.

I was going to delete the app and reinstall it but I don’t know how to save the Templets that I need or if they are saved on a server and would pull back in after reinstall.

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I was told by the service team that this is a known issue they are actively working on fixing.
You should be able to save the templates you have on the desktop app, there should be an icon on the templates list that you can use to save the templates to your computer. From what I understand the templates are not stored on their servers, they are stored on your computer so be careful with deleting them for now or you may not be able to recover them.

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FYI…It was fixed in the last update.

I saw, thanks for letting me know too.

It is still doing it for me, also deleted some of my template data when it shut down one time

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. It still happens to me sometimes. If it does, use force quite