Delta by Price Indicator

Alexander, you are a legend and deserve a raise!

Your work is much appreciated!


Wow this is really great!!! Here’s a picture of it up and running together

I wasn’t sure if there is an x-axis offset for the delta profile but if not, it may be a future update some people would use as some people use this in conjunction with a regular volume profile on the same side. Here’s an example of what that might look like.

Can’t thank you enough for the work you’re doing here, really great


For future beta or official releases. Id like to have an option to add the candlestick body(wicks are bonus) next to the delta, similar to Ninjatrader.

I modified your current release to add them, but spacing is a tad off so far.


The x-axis offset would be phenomenal. Second this :+1:

I modified and published Alexander’s last Delta by Price release preview to add a customizable offset. It says it doesnt work in the Desktop app, but it works just fine for me.
Check it out:

Just for my own selfishness, these are features I’d like in official releases:
Delta by Price:
-Option for X-Axis offset so the bars do not cover up VP
-Option to toggle on/off text labels

Variable Resolution Delta
-Option to add the candle bars to the left of the delta bars, regardless of where you are zoomed in at. Currently, you still have to zoom in very far on NQ for the normal candlesticks from the BidAsk chart to show up on a 5min or less chart
-Option to toggle on/off text labels


My computer was struggling in an active market. had lagging issues, using Heiken Aishi and Price Delta.
Once removed computer worked fine. FYI

Heiken Aishi with the Price Axis Volume Delta doesn’t work. If you could, try it with non-heiken aishi bars and let me know if it still has performance problems please! The indicator relies on the domain-unit scale and fixed price intervals on the price axis itself. Heiken Aishi uses calculated values instead of numbers divisible by contract tick size. I know it doesn’t usually plot correctly on Heiken Aishi, but I’ll have to look into it also having memory issues related to that chart type.

I’ve been looking for precisely this. The existing bid ask charting needs something like this built in - some way to control the shape of the candlestick. Any chance you could share the code?