Delta by Price Indicator

Thank you for looking into it. I always use heikens so this explains it. Much obliged!

I’ve been using this all week and it’s been great!

One last small request, can we get the text for the size of the bars to display for the combined bars? Currently the text only displays if you zoom in pretty far.


Hi @sethmo,

The indicator will display text for combined bars but only if the bars end up large enough to fit some text. If you’re not seeing the text easily, try using a higher number for the Price Levels Per Bar parameter.


I have the same exact settings as you do in the screenshot on a ES 5 min chart with no other other indicators. I am using the newest update for the indicator as well as using the safari web browser and have also tried google chrome but still have no luck. Is there anything else I can do or am missing?

What do you see on the chart?

the value moves as the candle forms with price. thats not delta by price.

Can you post a screenshot or short video of what you see? Maybe @Alexander will be able to advise

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it just prints a delta value when the candle closes. not keeping a record of delta at each price.

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I have uploaded the indicator to a blank chart to make sure nothing else was causing the problem.

@Neptune, is it possible that you’re using the Legacy Chart?

@wallstreet, what chart settings are you using? And can you show us a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Thank you so much. This whole time I thought I was not using legacy charts when I actually was. Sorry for the simple mistake but thank you for your time. I have it working now!


i think i was using the old version. thanks

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Until this feature is available you might be able to use LDT’s “Stacked Imbalances (for new charts)” but on NQ for example the numerical value will still be unreadable at any useful resolution.

Otherwise the mouse wheel finger callous takes a few weeks to set in

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Re: bar delta footprint resolution (aka Bid-Ask Volume Delta) -

(I only mention this here as using session delta profile with bar delta (delta footprint) is fairly commonplace.)

I’m sharing a picture illustrating the utility of parameterized data resolution on the footprint for high price-volatility contracts


Would something like this help? I just put this together this morning because I noticed NQ Bid Ask charts are completely unreadable. It lets you provide a bar resolution (price levels per bar) and then combines them for each candle profile. I can release this pretty soon if you guys like it!


That’s a start in the right direction, much better than current!

I like this, looks much more usable than the current bid/ask for NQ.

Here’s a link to download what I have so far. If anyone experiences any major problems with this indicator, or has some suggestions to make it better, please feel free to let me know!

Edit: Keep in mind, these delta by price indicators do not work with Heiken Aishi or Renko bars.