⚔ Challenges - Upcoming Features ⚔

We wanted to update the forum with some new features we’re working on with the Challenges. These will be coming out in an upcoming release, but we wanted to get you thinking about how you might want to use them for your own challenges

Private Challenges
Users will now be able to set a challenge as “Private”. When setting up a private challenge, the challenge will not show on the public main page and access to the challenge will be by invitation only.

After publishing the Challenge, you will have the option to invite users either by entering in email addresses or sending a direct link to the challenge

Users invited by email will receive an email with instructions on how to join

Additionally, you may invite users to the challenge directly from the challenge card on your dashboard

Profit Targets
We will be introducing the concept of a profit target into the challenge. A winner of the challenge will not be indicated unless the target is reached

"Beat the rules"
Finally, we will be introducing a completely new challenge type called “Beat the Rules”. This Challenge type will:

  • Be set to one participant by default
  • Will be Private (not viewable to the public)
  • Will not allow the rules to be changed once created

These new features :point_up: will be available 03/08/2021.

If you feel like practicing for one of the evaluations to try to earn a funded account to trade, check out the “Beat the Rules” challenge type and set one up for yourself

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