Can we use Webhook from Tradingview to place order with tradovate?

There are as of 2022 an astounding 1 Million Trading View customers. Like all of you, I learned Pine over the months to finally have my Algo, and now wish to actually use it on my live, real Tradovate account. Yes, the alerts are great, but the “Gold Standard” has always been automatic trading. It is incredible to me that NO where on any of these sites is an actual ANSWER: How to actually trade your Tradovate account with a TV Pine Script?

As of early Jan 2022, here are my questions to all 3 vendors, I give these to you to see, and will post any answers I get.

My response to Tradovate after yet another useless “answer”:

Dear Tradovate, Your software engineers really worked hard to create your new great API. And there are so many of us (1 million) with TradingView accounts and Pine Scripts. How can it be so difficult to run this with your API ? How can I not receive an actual answer? Here is the “answer” I got yesterday:

You will see that this basic question has been asked continuously since June 2020, and this is not an answer.

The HFT solutions seems to be some fake Indian company. The Auto View solution I have subscribed to and tried…but as the long list of questions on that site indicate, all of us simply get “Access Denied” responses from Tradovate.

Whatever true answer there is to this basic question must exist with your software geniuses that wrote your API.

I hope you can answer this for me, and the many others waiting on a true answer.
Thank you for caring,
Brad Gunn

Here is my question to Trading View:

Hello Trading View, Please tell me Trading View finally has an answer to this constant question? How to connect our Strategies to an actual account. I have a Tradovate account, and I only get meaningless answers from them about this. Same with TradeStation.

Recently Tradovate has drastically improved their API. But no one seems to know how to make it work with your Trading View scripts. I tried with Auto View, but the same issues. Their help page is full of similar un-answered questions.

It is not only me, Brad Gunn asking about this. Please tell the many of us about the progress you are making.

ps, I will gladly bore you with their “answers” if you ask, but there is no useful info.
And here is today’s Auto View. I believe there is hope, only today Jan 7, 2022 CryptoRox created a new discord channel expressly for this question:

  1. LasVegasBrad Today at 1:02 PM

Dear Rox, I have just today recieved another non-answer from useless Tradovate “help”.

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The incredible dumb answer I got was to use “HFT Solutions”.

CryptoRox Today at 1:05 PM

Understood. We will get you there, and they will soon be recommending using Autoview (edited)

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We will remove the development links for the future. I believe this should help everyone get connected. Once connected, we can make sure everyone’s getting orders as expected.

What is the Discord server you’re referencing here?

With the NinjaTrader buyout of Tradovate, it seems a moot point now.

Glad I quit already!

I just sent this thread to the Autoview developers. I think the problem lies in here. Soon we will break through to live orders. But I agree support seems a bit vague on these forums.

Sorry, when I said “this thread” I meant to link to this one which seems to discuss our issue directly.