Can I use the Python with Tradeovate's API?

Hi there,

This is my very first delve into programming and I am starting completely from scratch. I understand what I need to do to get API access within Tradeovate, but right now I am just trying to figure out what programs I need to download on my Mac to get started. I am also wondering if I am able to use a Python algo within Tradeovate (I want to use Python because I heard it is the simplest language to learn).

If anyone could give me some guidance as to how to set everything up on my Mac, that would be greatly appreciated.


I am totally a noob to this, so please cut me some slack if I sound dumb LOL

Luckily the API is language-agnostic, meaning you can use any language to write a program using it. Things that are nice to have in a language however are native JSON features (that’s a check with Python, btw). I have written a little bit of Python myself and I will agree that it has a pretty easy learning curve. With any language, always make sure you start with the basics. In your case you really want to have a firm understanding of HTTP requests before you start trying to write an API driven program.

I have been using python extensively with tradovate rest api and websockets as well