Help Getting started with Tradovate in python

Hello, I’ve read the documentation also Ive seen some tutorials on websockets.
My main question is how do I take my keys and use them into getting market data. Is there any temples in Python?

Hello @FireKookies,
Welcome to the Tradovate Community. Unfortunately we do not have a python template at this time. However, if you are using a WebSockets library for python, it should obey the same basic interface as any other WebSocket library - meaning you can use a send function to send data to the WebSocket server, and a hook like onmessage or addEventListener for the message type.

Take a look at our API documentation’s WebSockets segment. It explains how to connect to our various WebSockets servers and the shape of the data that you should expect to send and receive.


I am currently writing backend in python so if you would like some reference (async through aiohttp) you can feel free to use my GitHub Repo as a guide, though it is still a WIP.

I would also be able to answer any questions if need be (though I am still in the process of figuring through the whole API)