Build a private discord group?

High everybody,

I’m wondering if anybody would like to start a small private discord with me in order to post our trades and use each other as a kind of peer review. I’m thinking we just post screenshots of our trades. We could create different channels for different subjects.

One thing I’m working on a lot right now is different backtests in Excel.

I trade mostly NQ. I use a few different brokers and am just starting with Tradovate. I also use TradingView, Interactive Brokers, and a couple of Swedish brokers (I’m Swedish)

I’m thinking a group might be good after reading Annie Duke, Thinking in Bets. Basically, it’d be a way to hold each other accountable, that we stick to our strategies, ie make sure we stay disciplined.

I also have about 2000 trading books I’d be happy to share there if anybody is interested.

A little about me; I’m 43, and have been trading for 4 years. Have two kids. I’m born in Spain but grew up in the States and moved to Sweden when I was a teenager. I’ve also lived in South Africa, Thailand, and India for more than a year and have traveled to about 40 other countries. I have degrees in philosophy, and history, and studied industrial economics and mathematics as a part of an engineering degree I never finished. I’ve mostly worked with teaching mathematics and programming to middle and high school students. I’m at my desk working 5 days a week around 10 hours a day.

Hello. I’m new here. But doesn’t there already exist a discord group for Tradovate Users???

yeah, I was thinking of something more private. I was thinking that maybe there were people who didn’t want to post trades publicly. Basically, I thought it’d be nice with something which was a bit more tightknit

I am not aware of a Discord group. Can you point me to it?

CAS I think finding a Discord group that is aligned with your style of analysis and trading would serve you better than one aligned by platform. Seeing posts from people that trade very differently than you trade may be more distraction than community. How do you form your analysis and what is your trading style?

I get what you mean. Mostly I’m thinking of a group where we all make sure that we stick to our own strategies. It’s called something… an accountability circle or something. I’m not really looking for somebody to learn anything new from, I’ve already got enough on my plate to work through as is. I love learning new stuff but everything’s already out there and I’m not a big believer in that there’s some “secret” that would make everything easy.

I do a lot of Intermarket analysis to build a thesis and keep an eye on what’s going on, pretty basic stuff really; like hey look the dxy and 10 year are going up today I bet the ES and NQ are weak today. Admittedly inter-market relationships haven’t been as great as they have been in the past. I trade momentum and reversals. I also use pretty simple pivot points, like the daily/weekly open high and low on top of that I like to set out the daily/ weekly volume profile and POC etc. Otherwise, it’s really just price action and trading the breaks of channels, wedges, and triangles. I’m a big believer in multi-timeframe analysis. There are a few candlestick patterns I like for entry like shooting stars and hanging men for reversals (also nothing incredibly earth-shattering there). At the moment I’m working on increasing my realized risk/reward. I usually hover between a 3:1 and a 2:1 and I’m trying to increase my win rate which is currently between 50 and 60% mostly because I over-trade (I dip down into 40% when things are going sideways for me.)

I’m trying to learn more mean reversion plays and trying to branch out into different markets CL and Bitcoin basically. I’m also learning to back-test ideas in Excel, nothing super complicated but I’d like to be able to answer questions like; if Friday closes as an inside day to Thursday what’s the probability that Monday gaps, or what time of the day do we most often have the high/low of the day given that it isn’t a trend day. I can google all that stuff but I want to be able to work it out myself. I’m also working out an alert system for myself through TradingView. Also, super simple stuff basically alerting me to different things happening in the markets I trade. I’m also using it to forward test strategies which is pretty time-consuming but it gives me a way to double-check the profitability factor in TradingView back tester.

I started the discord

Anytime anybody brings up a Discord server I always think something is being sold or whatever. There is nothing for sale here. If anything the opposite. I’m so sick of people trying to sell shit that I thought I might as well just start one and see if we can’t get a handful of serious people willing to help each other stay disciplined.

Just building it out.

I added some podcasts which I thought were good which get updated. Perhaps somebody knows some better podcasts…

these are the kind of things I’m hoping we could share in the group. Basically, take a trade, take a screenshot, and post it.

wrote Nq in the screenshot but it was mNQ I traded

I put together a mix of youtube channels that could suit anybody’s style basically. If there is anything posted to these channels then people can watch the videos on the server and discuss them. Can’t say I like or think all of the traders in these channels are good but I wanted to leave room for somebody else liking them.

Eventually, I guess we could set up people who are live trading the market and discuss the trades they are taking while they take them. Something like a viewing party.

The next thing I’m going to do is collect all the Twitter accounts in one place. It’s a great resource.

Looks like the server link I posted before expired.

Hopefully this one last for longer

Now I collected all the top subreddits that I could find about trading so they update and can be read on the server

Cas, it’s a great idea and I would be interested as we are very similar age, years experience and both trading NQ. I’ve tried Discord for trading groups before and I just can’t handle the interface. I used to be a part of a group on a Slack platform which was MUCH better. I’d be happy to host the Slack channel if interested.

We’re already about 12 people on the Discord server. Jump in and try it out. If you don’t like the way it’s configured we can just change it. Personally I really like discord because you can do almost anything with it. I’ve built quite a few servers now. If there are enough people who prefer a different platforms though I can just intergrate them and people can use whichever platform they like and we could all communicate anyway. The thing I like the best with discord is the capability to stream. I spoke to a couple people who like the idea of live streaming on the server which is easy on discord.

The server is going pretty well. I’m trying to think about other ways I could improve. If anybody has tips for things that would be good to have on a Discord server that deals with day trading I’d like some ideas.

I’ve added a bunch of youtube channels, podcasts, RSS feeds (including from the federal reserve and SEC) and a few subreddit feeds so they go directly to the server. I trade most days so I’m thinking I might start streaming on there and there might be a couple of other people who want to share their experience. I also added the open Bloomberg bot which has some cool commands you can run.

Hi, I have a private discord let me know if you want an invite, also I stream my trading live 24/5 almost every day the futures markets are open, so it’s another way to chat in real time.

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Sure! Send me an invite!

Yes, please…send invite

There you go The Live Trading Channel (TLTC) 📉📈🤑💰💲
@Bernadette_Addison @Cas

If your discord is still up and running, I would love to join. Love the idea and have been looking for what you’ve made.