Bracket Order Not Executing

Hi all, brand new user here, so this could certainly be user error. I have only done simulated trading so far. I have set up a bracket order with 2 targets. Target 1 has a quantity of 2 TP+SL selected, then Target 2 has a quantitiy of 1 with TP+SL selected. When I left click on the chart, I can see the lines of my stop and targets before I select buy or sell. However, when I select buy or sell, I only get 1 contract with Target 1 stop loss and take profit. Is this restricted because I’m in simulation mode, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the help.

I am a new user using the simulation as well. I have also been having issues with my bracket orders. They don’t seem to be executing when my profit target is hit. I have had 3-4 bracket orders that didn’t execute which forced me to cancel the order. I wasn’t sure if it was a simulation issue or just me being new and doing something incorrectly. I am hoping it’s just an education issue on my part. It’s not exactly giving me confidence when moving to live trading.

I think I figured it out. The quantity number at the top, next to the buy and sell buttons, has to equal the total number of contracts in your bracket order.