Bid-Ask Volume Chart Grid

Much appreciated release!

You named in the grid ASK Volume the BID volume and viceversa
Put in the screen a BID-ASK volume chart and you will notice that

You have only to make this change, but the count is correct
Please reduce the zoom grid at a lowest level

This is a great indicator thank you very much for this.

One suggestion I have is to have the cumulative bidv - askv to reset back to 0 at the start of the trading day, I would really appreciate if this was possible!

This would be similar to how VWAP is only for the day, I believe it makes sense for the cumulative bid - ask volume to also do so, so that there is some reference as to where the number began being tallied.

Today I released an updated version of the Grid to accompany this behind-the-scenes look at how I made the indicator. Be sure to check it out if you’re interested in writing your own custom indicators!


Appreciate the update with any bug fixes, should note now that the Delta itself is inverse of the actual Delta.

Thanks for pointing that out, it should now display correctly.

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Be careful when using this tool as it’s still buggy. First of all it’s not clear how to set the opening hours. For example 9:30 is not possible but 9 is. Then when the market opens the bid-ask vol seems correct but the cum. Bidv - askv appears to be wrong.

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One way is to clone it and fix it yourself like me of course.

I notice this bug also, the cumulative bidv - askv needs to be multiplied by -1 to be correct.

Could this please be fixed?

I have attached an image which shows a cumulative delta indicator with the correct value & the grid which shows the incorrect value.

cc @Alexander


Released a fix for that just now.


What’s the issue with this screenshot? This seems to display correctly.

Delta is measuring people selling into the bid vs those buying the ask.

Since more people bought the ask (at market price), we have a positive delta to indicate more buyers than sellers.


Apologies, I may have got this wrong. Please disregard my comment

Hey great indicator! Can you please show me how I can in the Volume Delta Grid switch the color of BID volume to RED and ASK VOLUME to green? I dont know much about coding, but I am guessing it is a simple line somewhere? I opened the code explorer and brought in your VOLUME DELTA GRID and now no idea where to find the part where I can change switch the colors. thanks!