API Access for retail traders

great to hear; thanks, Brian!

We’re getting close to making this available to users.

Doing some final testing and cleanup on the process.


we are hyped and ready to go! :confetti_ball:

We have this in beta with a set of users. If you’re interested in joining the beta, send me a DM and I will send through instructions on how to get started.

Right now, beta is only open to users with a live, funded Tradovate account

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I had some hacked-together web sockets version leveraging some calls I had chrome making (a few months ago) but having legitimate API access is super exciting.

Really this web socket approach (allowing it to work on nearly any platform) is far far better than how other platforms have implemented API access… got a real winner on your guys hands! Can’t seem to direct message you asking for beta access but imagine you’re probably full. Anyways, looking forward to it

Hi @BWeis ,

Just saw your post here - API Access for retail traders - #24 by BWeis

I’m relatively new to Tradovate (about a month of use), but would absolutely love API access. Tried requesting this maybe a year ago and it was only available to business partners. TBH, this kept me away from using the platform but just recently decided to give it a try with manual trading.

Is there anything I can do to get access? Long time dev here, willing to help work with you if I discover any issues.


Check your messages: Sent you a DM

I don’t see how to DM on this thread, but would like to try out this API. I have an interest in writing a python wrapper.

Hi @BWeis

I’m very interested in this API to automate my trades from Tradingview alerts.

Can I be a beta tester and get API access please? Also will Tradovate have a automation feature to place trades in the near future since it’s already integrated in Tradingview? Related to this

Thanks. Sent you a DM.

Thanks. Sent you a DM.

I am working with a programmer who contacted you before to do some API work for my trading account. I am interested to have access to the beta version.
How can we do that?

Thank you,

Hi @Ayman_Alsatari

I sent you a DM just now

Hi @BWeis I would love to be able to be a beta tester for the API when it becomes available.

Hi @sean_simms I sent you a DM

Hi @BWeis,

This seems to be the place to ask for beta access to the api. Are you still accepting people in to the testing pool?

Thanks for reaching out.

Sent you a DM

Hi @BWeis , I’m hoping to get beta access for the API, I didn’t find how to DM, hoping this still works!

Just as an FYI for the Board/Topic as it is not obvious how to send another user a DM.

To send a DM, you can click on the user’s name and select “Message”

@dkrebs27 I will send you a DM about the Beta

I am also interested for API beta access. Thanks