Add Print, or export to PDF to reports

I don’t know is this is a huge deal but it would be really nice to have a place to “Print” the report, or even better export to a .PDF… I see you can download to a .csv file, which is good for data crunching…

I do realize that I could do a screen shot but that still only grabs the top or bottom half of the report.

You have a really, nice detailed report there and it would be nice to be able to view it outside of the program.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I think that might be nice for all the screens.
Would it be nice to have a way to export an https: link with the image or PDF?
SierraCharts and TradingView both offer this method and it’s useful for charts, but would be great for all things inside Tradovate (reports and charts).

I use a tool called Fireshot

It doesn’t work on the scrolling areas in Tradovate, but it’s really nice.
Perhaps tradovate can use a regular scrollbar so that a full screen PDF can be captured with standard tools

We are exploring some options to allow export to PDF

We will start with allowing the export of the reports to PDF. I will keep you updated with anticipated release date in this thread.