Add Break Even +

Lots of people think we need this…

What is Break Even + ?
Is it related to:

Does this mean to offer a way to go to break-even + a configurable number of ticks in the bracket order configuration? Or is it a button that moves all the stops to breakeven + a few when clicked? The link above seems to imply the former, however, I know Sierra Chart has options where you right-click on the chart and it will move stops to current mouse position or breakeven etc…

This is the approach we’re implementing

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Oh man this will make my life SO MUCH EASIER… Thank you and great idea!


In release 1.200619.0, we will be introducing an additional parameter on the Auto Breakeven bracket configuration where you will be able to set a Breakeven Offset to move your stop above the Breakeven level. The Breakeven Offset will specify how far
Setting this parameter at 0 will mirror the old Breakeven functionality where the stop is moved to the Breakeven level


So this is going into the bracket settings?? I was under the impression this would be a button that we could push while in a trade. Maybe included in the drop-down in between the buy and sell buttons… Maybe I am missing something?



Hi Donavan,

Yes. This will be under the Bracket settings configuration:

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Okay so I will have to set this up before I get in a trade, correct? I can not Hit BE+ once I am in a trade can I?


Correct. It will need to be set pre-trade on the bracket config

Ok thanks for clarifying.

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Did you happen to allow for negative numbers as well, so you can keep it a certain number ticks off of breakEven? Basically allowing the user to pick how many ticks away from breakeven they want on either side of breakeven.
Example: Say i have 2 Take profit and 2 Stop loss OCO bracket, First TP is a 10 ticks and second TP is at 20 ticks and both stop losses are at SL of 10 ticks with a Breakeven at 10 ticks as well.
Lets use the /ES for numbers. I enter trade Long at 3100, The first TP is triggered at 3110 and the remaining SL it moved from 3090 up to 3100 as expected. With some risk out leaving the last SL back a little off the Breakeven might be ideal for a larger Stop without taking a loss. So instead of the Breakeven moving to 3100 the user would be able to have it Snap to 3096 instead just for some extra room. This what i mean by negative numbers, the flexibility to make the Break-even function to be place on either side of the actual breakeven point.



I have been waiting along time for this thank you!

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this - this would be amazing - for you to have button that during trade brings it to a predetermined offset. YES!!

Great work here guys! Great update! Fantastic!

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It would be great to have a breakeven hotkey and be able to set the breakeven point as well e.g. "press “E” for breakeven and stop will move to orderopenprice plus set amount of ticks. negative number being an option, too ideally.

Yes, a Break-Even button like the ‘Exit at Mkt&Cxl’ button would be very useful! Thank you.


Is it possible for the break-even to become a trailing stop?

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It would be nice to have this functionality on the app as well where it is much more difficult to keep up with fast moving prices.

The technical definition of break-even means it shouldn’t be used to describe the entry point of a trade because it doesn’t account for fees and commissions per trade.

Break-even to describe price at entry of trade minimizes a trader’s cognizance of commissions and fees per trade. A label more like Price at Entry or Avg Price at Entry wouldn’t have the same subliminal message to sway a trader to ignore trading costs/fees.