Access Token Request Failing

Can anyone tell me the reason why I keep getting a password event not found error when it is correct? I am trying to use Curl to get the access token, but it keeps failing. Is there a workaround to this?

Something odd is going on with your data definition - line 7 or 8 down there is a bash error, is this possibly part of the issue?

The code was taken directly from the Curl in the API access section of my account terminal. I didn’t change anything but keep getting the bash event not found error. You are correct, this is the error, however I have not modified any of the code provided by Tradovate aside from my user credentials. Is there a way to correct this error?

What would be the alternative option to getting the access token in the simplest way? I have followed the Github tutorial but am receiving errors there as well.

Go to your Trader Application. Click on Application Settings in the top right corner of the screen. From there navigate to API Access. Click the API Doc button below the key you want to retrieve an access token using. Now go to the Auth/AccessTokenRequest portion of the api docs page. Click Try It on the right side of the operation. This should open an area on the right side that allows you to enter data for the request. Click Execute to actually test the request - if all is well it should say 200 and show some JSON data below the request.

Great, thank you that worked. Appreciate the assistance.