2 legged pull back for ES

Have you seen this video about counting legs?

Thanks @Geoffrey. I have seen this video and used it as my starting point. I am reviewing his other tutorial videos to validate what I have done.

As an update, the core leg counting logic lines up so far with what byebyemoney has put out. The missing pieces relate to coloring the leg numbers. For instance, on up legs, he uses dark green to indicate second entries and light green to indicate a normal pullback(?). I have decided that this could be included a later release.

On the business side of things, I do plan to charge for this indicator. It has taken many hours of work and I expect many more to come to make it better. Not sure what the price point will be yet. It won’t be as much as what bbm charges, but enough to make it worth my while and to provide the tech support that will sure come. I am leaning towards a lower cost monthly subscription option.


Thats sad to hear I despise the subscription model, Adobe has ruined the world by making it popular.


Thanks for the feedback. I am still considering all the options. I may provide both, a one-time payment and a monthly subscription.

I have shared my Leg Counter indicator. It is free to use and only counts legs, but should still be useful. The upgraded version is in the works (no ETA).



Nice work as always

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I hope you guys are finding use in the Leg Counter indicator. :moneybag:

Haven’t had much time to work on the supporters-only, advanced version recently. Leaving on vacation for a week then will pick it up after I get back. If you are interested in becoming a supporter, visit buymeacoffee.com/latterdaytrader and sign up for the Future Indicator membership. (Non-membership, one-time supporter options will be available after the first month. Gotta see if it works for you first.)

But here is a sneak peak of the configurable options I have so far:

  • colors for up and down numbers
  • colors for up and down background circle
  • colors for trapped circle
  • show or hide the leg lines
  • upcoming leg count and associated colors
  • current leg line color
  • “trapped” tick size and color when it is shown (purple circles)

@latter-day-trader thank you for putting the free indicator together, I’ve been looking for this same thing for Tradovate for a while. I installed the free version through the web platform → community indicators, but nothing shows up when I load it up. No leg counts, no numbers, nothing - what am I doing wrong?


I’m not familiar with the Web version but i’m sure this will only work on the New charts ( not the Legacy chart) and it only works on Time based and tick based Candles.

Double check and make sure you are using the supported Charts and Candle types.


Thanks for your response, yes I have Advanced Charting activated, I am using 200 tick charts and Google Chrome, but for some reason this indicator does not show up. Also, worth noting, I cannot see the tick countdown that should show up on the chart tab - next to the symbol I am trading. I tried using Safari and still does not load up.

Are you using the stand alone desktop app?


The Count Down will only work for Tick if you are using the new chart and not the Legacy chart as well.

Yes i use their Stand alone desktop Trader App.


Like MadCat says, you have to be using the “new” chart not the Legacy Chart. When you click the “+” icon on the top left, choose the “Chart” module at the top of the middle column. Don’t use the “Legacy” chart at the bottom of the middle column. If that still doesn’t work, take a screenshot of your chart. We can tell you if you are using the old or new chart.

Yep, I guess is a browser problem. I just downloaded the desktop version and is working fine, even the bar countdown works too. Thanks for the help and screenshots.

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I tried it in Brave (which is based off of Chrome) and it works fine for me.


The developer the created the Leg indicator also created a Tick counter that sits on the chart. you my like that one as well.

Ok, so I figured it out, @MadCat pointed out the little lock, and I noticed it was not there. I had advanced charting enabled, just that I did not know I had to throw in a NEW chart module in the screen - sorry, pretty new at this platform - thanks for that tip @latter-day-trader. Now is working on the browser as well.

Cheers all!

Yeah, I had all that stuff installed, even other tick counters as well, but nothing worked! hahaha, you guys have saved me.

Hey guys,
New to Tradovate- Where would I find the 2 Legged Indicator?
Thanks, Tom

In the upper left of a chart there is an indicator button. All of the custom indicators are at the bottom of the list under Explore Community Indicators.


On the far right of the screen there is a tool bar with the Community Indicator Button that will open the window you are looking for.

Will open this window