Workspace Only View ... Shift-F, then Esc to shows everything

Tradingview implemented a new feature that removes the top, bottom, left, and right of the workspace. It shows just the charts, or whatever else you have open. This releases a lot of screen real estate. One can now trade from the charts without any distractions. It works in a regular window or full screen. It simply lets traders focus on their charts and other modules, to do their trading strategy. And it is easy to toggle between the two modes – Shift-F to enter Workspace Only mode, and Esc to show everything again.

The following two screen shots:

  1. Without Workspace Mode – normal window:

  1. With Workspace Mode – normal window:

More screen space for whatever your trading strategy is, and when you need to do something or see something else, just press the Esc key. I like that this mode works in regular and full screen because sometimes I am working on other things in different windows on my computer, but I still want or need to monitor the markets. Also, when I limit myself to just the workspace, I have more flexibility when resizing the main window.

If this feature could be useful to your trading style, and you want it to be added as a new feature, then give it a vote up, so the developers know there is interest.